Thursday, March 15

Here's are some questions some people left in my inbox for me to answer:

Do you miss your pass? & did you regret he left you?

Missing is a part of everyone personal life. Its not wrong missing a person, eventhough he/she is our pass. Yes I miss him, as a friend. I miss talking to him when he was actually there. But as life goes on, people leave. And that "missing" just remains there ;) 

Regret him leaving me? Never. It was just not meant to be.

Do you want him back?

Want him back? Of coarse not. His happier now with his life. I would never want to ruin that. Besides, someday if Allah wrote that I was meant for him, that I'll happen. But for now, the answer will be no :)

How's life without him? 

Alhamdullilah, good :) He teaches me so many through out the 10 months we we're together. With him around, I felt like I was on top of the world. & without him makes me own this world. So its good. I learned that to let go of things, don't hold on, don't look back and be strong with everything. Insya'allah as time passes by, heart heals. And you will be a better woman :)

Was it hard for you to move on? 

For the pass few months, yes it did. It was harder more because watching him fade away everyday when I wake up in the morning. Its been 7 months now he left me, and I'm good. No more do I think of crappy stuff. And I'm proudly saying, I'm a stronger woman now then 5 months back ;)

Do you have anyone else? And who is he?

Anyone else as a boyfriend, no. But someone that's truly special to me, yes. As time passes by, I'll let you know who he is. But for now, just not yet :) 

His a good guy. Someone that prepared me through everything. Someone I can have faith. Insya'allah if he is the one for me, then we will be something. Creating memories, cherish life together, and enjoy every moment with each other.

Thanks guys for the question. Leave more so that I can answer more! Lots of love. *hugs*

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