Wednesday, March 21

Alhamdullilah, 21st March :')

Today I woke up at 8.40 am, and headed straight to the shower. Iron my kurung and ran downstairs for breakfast. Butterflies in my tummy was like a gazillion one. Nothing could explain how I really felt.

Goodluck wishes flooding my head. People telling me to do this and that before taking my results. What did i do? Acted cool like a nigga would do....

Time after time, minutes after minutes. I felt like I was about to pass out. As we reached the school gate, my friends was already there. Asking me how am I as they haven't seen me for ages. I was quiet, cos I was wondering how would my results end up like?

Headmaster called us in. My class was the second to be called. Name after name, then suddenly "Nadiah Nadinah". I shivered. Took my seat and waited for everyone to walk into the school hall.

Headmaster gave us a little speech. Then he called out the names 'Pelajar Idola'. Too bad I was not one of them. Bummer. More butterflies in my tummy. I felt like I wanted to puke at that moment. I know, selekeh like hell.

Time after time. Then they set up tables. My class teacher told us to line up. And that moment, we took our results. I was the 5th person in line. Shit. Why did I have to be so fast in lining up? Excited? No way baby.

Other 4 got their results. Tears flooding their faces. Some did well. Some didn't. I'm next in line... Teacher gave me my certificates, then there it was... She was asking me question's about what did I do for the holidays and bla bla bla...

Then PANG! She took a look at my results first, then she passed it to me. I closed my eyes. And little by little I opened one by one. At that moment, I was thankful already. Alhamdullilah is all I can say right now :)

Before I could even get up, my friend's rush to me and snatch my results away. "Congrats" all around me. They hug and all. I felt blessed. I knew at that moment, what ever I studied did me well.

Nevermind if I don't get straight A's. But at least mummy and daddy is happy for me. That's all I always wanted. Amin. :)

Congrats to all my fellow '94 friends! To those that scored, Alhamdullilah! I'm happy for you guys. Sushi k after this? Hehehehehe. And to those who didn't, nevermind. Better luck next time? This is just the begging for everything, okay?

Much love,
Nadiah Nadinah.

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