Thursday, April 5

After not having any date.

After a long time not going out on a date with a guy I love, is just too long. But today, today marked 8 month's of me being single and I freaking had a date. It was just to awesome.

I felt alive again after all this while being dead. I mean like really really alive. Yes, I wen't out with the same guy I blogged about a couple of months ago. Yes, I still love him the same.

I'm just so in love, and I don't know how to even control this feeling. Yes, I fell in love so many thousand hundred time's. But that's normal ya know. But this, him.......... Everything is so different.

We didn't do anything much. Just a bit of cuddling, he kiss my forehead, I played Temple Run on his phone and we just talked about us. Me & him, it felt so good. A bestfriend and a lover. Is this a gift or something? Am I being blessed as ever?

I'm so in love, its amazing. Shitgduyohaiayowpwtnej THIS IS NOT REAL, I SWEAR!!

I wanna see him again. Hold he's hand again when he drives. Hug him when I see him. Bully him whenever I have the chance to. Ya know, someone I'm not ashamed of having. Someone that I'm not embarrass of when we walk in street's and he suddenly tickled me. Someone that I can finally call, "mine".

He is my baby boo, and I will love him as long as Allah wants us to.

"Jodoh di tangan Tuhan" Insya'allah one day, maybe he is my jodoh. Amin. :)

I love you, thanks for the day. 

You guys must be dying thinking who is this guy I call as "mine" :p Well, one day I will reveal him. Hehehehehehehe :)


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