Tuesday, May 1

Hi! Its been a month now I haven't touched my blog. Sorry for not updating. I've been busy with life for now. Dealing things, making everything back to normal.

You guys must be thinking am I still the way I am or not, right? Apparently, no. Thing's have change quite quick. I am no longer with "him".

Yes, I ended it. There was reasons. I know I seemed so in love with him. But if faith brought us apart, then that's how its gonna be. So I just have to mold thru it and see where it brings me too.

College is starting soon! I can't wait for that.... I've made new friends. Recovered with my pass and live in the future. I'm making a change for myself. No more being the old me. I'm a whole lotta new person now.

I have to go. Headed to the gym now... Toodles! :)

Have a great 1st May everyone!

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